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Why Outsource Your Medical Billing?

There are definite advantages to outsourcing your medical billing. Outsourcing medical billing leads to fewer headaches, better billing management, increased revenue, and a higher collection rate. At WorkSmart MD our expert staff, using our unique medical billing process, will collect more money; at less cost than if you were to hire a full-time medical billing staff. Simply put – when you outsource your medical billing to us you will save valuable resources, time and money while improving your practice work flow. This provides you the time to place more focus on the needs of your patients.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Billing

When the decision is made to outsource the medical billing for your practice be sure to carefully choose the right medical billing company. Many billing companies will make unsubstantiated claims of their successes but at WorkSmart MD we can prove our track record. As a WorkSmart MD client we make it a point to get to know your billing needs thus allowing us to become an efficient extension of your staff. With WorkSmart MD handling your medical billing your employees no longer have to shift focus from department to department which creates a less stressful work environment. Less stress equals a more efficient staff, better employee moral, and a more pleasant work environment. Other benefits of outsourced medical billing are:

  • Faster claim processing which improves cash flow and provides a better profit margin.
  • Access to experienced insurance negotiators to communicate between your office and insurance carriers. 
  • A staff of expert billers that make sure all claims are paid which means fewer medical claims will be denied. 
  • All billing calls will be handled by the medical billing company so you will have fewer phone distractions. 
  • The financial health of your practice will be tracked with detailed financial analysis and reports. 
  • Allows staff to concentrate solely on practice operations and patient management. 
  • Ability to operate with less staff which will significantly reduce overhead. 
  • Greatly reduced technology costs related to medical billing. 

Should I Outsource My Billing?

Often, the key to a successful medical practice can be traced back to a behind the scenes medical billing company. Medical billing has become very complex and nearly impossible to maintain in-house due to changing insurance rules and tighter HIPPA regulations. As a result of this healthcare reimbursements and medical claims processing are more efficiently handled by a reliable medical billing company. When you outsource to a reputable medical billing company the task of dealing with insurance companies and government agencies is passed along to them.

When you partner with WorkSmart MD we will diligently search for ways to provide you with faster collections and increase the profitability of your practice. If your goal is to keep medical accounts receivable current, faster payments, fewer denials, a stronger profit margin and less stress contact us today for a no-obligation analysis.

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