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Rookie Biller vs. Professional Biller

Should you use rookie medical billers or professional medical billers?  Professional medical billers have many advantages over rookies. Providing quality patient care and navigating the sometimes overwhelming regulatory waters can be a challenge for both health centers and private practice. The fact is medical billing is the “cornerstone” of your business. What happens if the “cornerstone” is weak? Often the structure will crumble and the impact can be devastating. Given this scenario does it make sense to trust your billing to inexperienced, poorly trained rookie billers? The obvious answer is no.

More often than not having rookie billers in place was not intentional. Consider this; a doctor hires an efficient person to work the front desk. After time he adds some responsibility by asking her to take on the billing duties also. As the practice grew the job became more complex and cash flow became king. Due to a lack of experience in billing and collection revenue declines as collection rates decrease.

In a community health center the scenario is a bit different. Typically there is heavy turnover in the billing department and even though most CFO’s have a strong financial background they lack the much needed billing experience. In this situation the lack of critical leadership will cause division in the billing department. Eventually, communication within the department ceases and each person works independently. When questioned about the drop in revenue the most common answer is “we don’t have enough time to get everything done. In today’s environment putting your faith and trust in the “rookie” biller can be the kiss of death for your revenue.

What's The Solution?

You can save a lot of headaches and revenue by selecting an experienced medical biller from the start. However, this isn’t always an easy task. The most obvious answer is to seek the services of a professional medical billing company. WorkSmart MD maintains a full staff of expert medical billers and certified medical coders. Our billers are trained on the latest billing and collection techniques. We have a proven track record of “chasing down” every dollar. The benefit to you is increased collections and more practice revenue. Let’s face it, overhead will continue to rise and it will take a professional to help you get the money you deserve.

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