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What Is Medical Billing?

As a leading Florida medical billing company we realize qualified medical billers and coders are an essential element of any healthcare organization. They are responsible for processing everything from patient data to insurance information. Their duties include patient diagnosis coding and payment requests from the insurance company. Their basic responsibilities are accurately registering, recording, and tracking each patient’s account data. Contrary to popular belief medical billers and medical coders are not the same, they are two distinct jobs.

Medical Billers

Medical billers are responsible for correctly billing all parties involved in the care and treatment of patients. They are charged with ensuring all invoices are fully paid in a timely manner and must communicate with patients and insurance companies on a regular basis. In order to be successful they must have a complete understanding of how to read medical invoices and possess a strong knowledge of the coding language. Not only must a biller must have the ability analyze invoices and related data it’s essential that they are comfortable dealing with people.

Medical Coders

Unlike medical billers, medical coders normally have no contact with patients or insurance companies. However, their job is an essential element in the medical billing process. Unique codes are assigned for every duty performed in a medical billing office and accurate coding is required to ensure proper billing. At the time of treatment the provider documents the services provided for the patient. After receiving the documentation from the provider the coder is responsible for assigning the appropriate codes to create a claim to be paid. To ensure all invoices are paid properly the medical coder and biller often work together.

The WorkSmart MD Difference

When it comes to medical billing WorkSmart MD is the industry leader. Our team of highly skilled Medical Billers and Certified Professional Coders have been fully trained in all medical specialities. Our professional billing staff provides our clients with fast, accurate medical claims processing and maximization of all insurance reimbursements. As a result our clients experience less claim denials, a greater collection rate and a more financially healthy organization.

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