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Medical Claims Management

WorkSmart MD takes medical claim denials seriously. How medical claim denials are handled can mean the difference between average and outstanding collections. Our policy is to take a proactive approach when dealing with denials. By doing this our clients experience fewer claim denials and increased collections.

Often, when insurance payments are received they are posted. When a claim is denied it is often flagged and moved to the side with the intention of addressing the denial at a later time. However, these denials are often forgotten and they never get worked so the money continues to build up inn your Accounts Receivable. It’s important to understand that most medical claim denials can be reversed if it is properly addressed at the time of posting.

We Avoid The Common Claim Denial Errors

  • When payments are posted we examine you claimr denials. Our billing experts will review and translate the denial code. We use all tools available to turn the denial into an approval.
  • If a claim denial is related to timely filing we will check your clearinghouse reports to find the initial submission date. With proper documentation it is possible to overturn timely filing denials.
  • In the event we find a diagnosis or procedure code error we will consult your EMR software to verify the service was provided. 
  • It’s often possible to modify and reprocess claims over the telephone. We will document who we spoke with, their extension, and any reference number associated with the claim.

All WorkSmart MD medical billing experts are trained and required to address medical claim denials as they post insurance payments. Our method insures that no claims will get overlooked. Our state-of-the-art billing software is in direct communication with each insurance company. This allows us to correct denials before the paper EOB arrives in the mail. Our software combined with our expert billing staff is why we can produce collection rates of 97% plus for our clients! There are a lot of medical billing companies to choose from but WorkSmart MD stands out as the clear industry leader.

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