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Would you like fewer claim denials and a 97% collection rate?

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Are your accounts receivables greater than 90 days out?

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Increase collections and revenue with less stress and a stronger bottom line.

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The workSmart MD Advantage

More Revenue, Faster

Since 2001 we have helped doctors increase revenue and run their practices more efficiently. Our medical billing experts and practice consultants know how to improve your bottom line. 

Keep Money Flowing

New systems often mean gaps in cash flow. Not at WorkSmart. Our implementation specialists manage the enrollment process carefully so you will never see a delay in cash flow.

No Hidden Fees

No upfront fees and no need to purchase a server. You can count on free upgrades, support and maintenance for life.

100% USA Company

Just like your practice, we are proud to be located in the USA. Dollars, jobs and patient information stay at home. 

No Dollar Left Behind, Optimized Profitability

95% - 98% Collection Rate

Collect more of your money, faster. With WorkSmart MD you'll receive payment for services within 10 days.

A Focus On Every Dollar

The first 75% or your revenue is easy to collect, it's the remaining 25% that takes work. We work smarter and assign dedicated medical billers to go after every dollar for you.

Increase Your Reimbursements

Our medical specialists review your changes and identify ways to increase the billing for your patient encounters.

Our Service Pays For Itself

We have a proven track record of improving the bottom line. Typical results are 10%-15% increases in revenue.

Our Team Of Medical Billing Specialists


During the hiring process all candidates are given a series of skill and personality test to insure they have the proper skills, motivation, work ethic and attitude to provide our clients with outstanding medical billing services.


Once a candidate is hired they go through a series of initial trainings designed to give them a complete understanding of our medical process and technology. In addition, they receive on-going training in medical billing issues and techniques.

Tools & Resources

We use the latest technology to enable our medical billing specialists to focus their efforts on the tasks that will provide the most value to our clients. They are freed from  the busy work and error correction that takes up time in common medical billing companies. 

Why Choose WorkSmart MD

WorkSmart MD is a Florida medical billing company specializing in medical claim denials and medical accounts receivable management and recovery. Consider us if you decide to outsource your medical billing. There are a lot of medical billing companies that make claims of success but at WorkSmart MD we offer actual proof. Our clients see increased collection rates up to 97% and as much as 15% more practice revenue. Our promise to "chase down every dollar" means you will have a more financially solid practice. At WorkSmart MD it's standard practice to provide our clients with detailed reports that outline the financial health of their practice. We constantly look for ways to boost your profitability and improve efficiency because our success depends on your success. 

A/R Management

As a provider you work hard for your money and you DESERVE to collect all of it. In most cases the accounts receivable recovery process can be very difficult. Very few medical billing companies can successfully take on the challenge. We believe our efforts on your collections will demonstrate our commitment to you and your practice. Let WorkSmart MD show what we can do to increase your collection rate.

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Rookie vs. Professional Medical Billing

Let’s examine the symptoms: cash flow slowdowns, 5010, ICD10, CMS audits, HITECH Act, EHR conversions, health information exchanges, and ever changing regulations. If your practice is struggling with these problems you are losing precious revenue. The solution may be to partner with a professional medical billing service that is equipped to handle these problems. WorkSmart MD can help you get back on top.

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Medical Insurance Credentialing

Malpractice suits and problems with accreditation can present a problem to healthcare organizations that let their credentialing lapse. When credentialing mistakes occur it commonly leads to financial losses for provider services. Additionally, needless increases in administrative costs can result from inefficient credentialing. In healthcare organizations proper credentialing can reduce costs and improve outcomes.

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